Jeff Jones has been exploring his passion for art since early in life. After obtaining a B.F.A., he quickly established himself first as a designer and art director, then as an illustrator. He has spent a number of years creating an extensive body of work aimed at selling products or telling someone else’s story through pictures. While the sum of these experiences provide the opportunity to conceptualize, solve problems visually and hone the skills of a draftsman, it leaves little room for personal expression.

Subsequently, Jeff accepted a position as an adjunct Life Drawing instructor and for this period of time benefitted greatly from sharing his passion for art with others. In return, he was rewarded with the enthusiasm of students and soon found himself immersed in making art for art’s sake once again.

Working in a variety of mediums, Jeff finds the search equal to the outcome. Although his intention for a piece generally begins with a preconceived idea, the final result is rarely predictable. It is the process that dictates the flow. Control versus chance. A script interrupted. Through this approach, when lucky, he taps into life’s experiences, catching glimpses of the subconscious along the way.

He has had work accepted into juried shows through the Arizona Artists Guild, the Sedona Art Center, the Phoenix Center for the Arts and the Herberger Theater, having received commendations including Best of Show as well as local media recognition. As a result, he has had the opportunity to exhibited a large body of work at the Phoenix Center for the Arts as well as participation in a two-person exhibition in Flagstaff. Jeff’s work can be found in various private collections throughout the United States.

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